Halle's Honey



How it Started

Our story starts back in 2004. At the age of 12, Ben started working for a beekeeper in South Dakota to work off a hound puppy the beekeeper was selling. After working off his puppy, Ben wanted to continue working with bees. He went to work for another beekeeper named Butch. For several years he worked alongside Butch, who was a mentor to him, learning the beekeepers' way of life and experiencing all facets of the business. Then, in 2013, Ben and Stefanie bought their first four hives. They remember, with a few laughs, bottling the first batch of honey in their little kitchen with newspaper spread across the floor!  


In 2015, Ben and Stefanie moved to Montana where Ben had an opportunity to purchase some more beehives from a former business acquaintance. With bee yards in Kalispell and Lonepine, his bees are in the midst of alfalfa, clover and sainfoin fields where their hives flourish. Soon there was an excess of honey, so Ben and Stefanie decided to bottle up and sell their liquid gold. Named after their daughter Halle (the Queen Bee at home and in the bee yard), 'Halle's Honey' was born. Over time, Ben and Stefanie's beekeeping operation has continued to grow, but the reason it started remains the same: to produce the best honey possible!